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I encourage everyone to join the community forums and tell us about your projects. As much as I would like to help those with the basics, I know there are people out there with much more knowledge and info to share!

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To do most of my projects, I rely on out of pocket funds. If you would like to donate, I would like you to purchase items through the store or items I have highlighted in the forum. This always helps fund the projects!

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One area that I really try to get across to everyone is that I am completely new to the homesteading. I have created a YouTube channel to help demonstrate that. From the very start I have documented my research process, my mistakes, and my future plans.


The hardest part of it all is trying to meet YouTube's required subscriber and hours watched goals. The hours have been met, but I need 1000 subscribers to sign up in order to fully activate the channel to help fund my projects. This is unfortunate because my other channels have had no issues meeting and exceeding these goals in the past. This being a brand new channel was not grandfathered in. So I encourage you to watch my videos and please like and subscribe!



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If you'd like to donate to our projects, please don't hesitate to make a purchase in the store, or you can always donate directly by the link below.

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