Thank you for visiting my site. This site was created with the idea that it’s to share the information I learn first hand from going into homesteading. I was born in Grand Rapids, MI but I was raised in Houston, TX. I have grown up in an urban environment and haven’t ever thought about getting into homesteading until recently.

My wife and I had a plan to buy our retirement property now, while working, to pay it off instead of waiting until we retired to find property that we’d be assuming a new mortgage on at a much older age. It just didn’t make sense to us to wait.

Long story short, we have property that we thought we would retire on, but it seems that our desire to hurry up and get there is taking over. We want to enjoy the property more than ever now that we have some. So, we will be doing videos of our journey.

We still live in Houston, TX and own property out of state that we will relocate to. I am documenting in posts and videos my steps, my projects, and all the problems we run in to.

Please feel free to use this site to document your own experiences and projects. I would LOVE to hear about them and gain some of your knowledge!