AndyGo Cargo Net

AndyGo Cargo Net Install and Review

I used to own a Kia Sportage which came with a great little cargo net. This net was great to keep groceries and other loose items from rolling around the rear of the vehicle. When I purchased my Subaru Outback, I was disappointed to see that it did not come standard with the cargo net, but did come with the mounting for one.

The OEM cargo net was more than I wanted to pay for, and so I went to Amazon and found that I could buy a universal cargo net for under $10! That's where the AndyGo comes in.

I purchased it and within a couple of days it had arrived. The install was very simple, even when done with one hand and in the rain while watching the kiddos! I would recommend anyone looking for a cargo net to check it out.

My vehicle is a 2015 Subaru Outback and it fits just fine. We have had no issues and it is used quite often.

AndyGo Cargo Net: Find it on Amazon


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