Campbell Hausfeld DC080100 Air Compressor

The need for an air compressor usually comes up with any person who has a workshop or garage, and I would venture to guess it comes up with a lot who don't! I have had a need for an air compressor for things like regular inflation of tires, kids toys, etc. But when I worked on my race cars, I always had a high powered compressor around to handle all the air tools. And it was just an inexpensive Campbell Hausfeld.

I got a lot of flak for using the air compressor often found at Walmart. But you know what, it worked, and it worked when I parted ways with it. The only reason that air compressor went to a new home was because the plastic shroud broke while on loan to a friend. When it came back, it still worked, but with the kids around, I couldn't have an open fan blade spinning around where they could easily lose a finger if attempting to touch it.

I tried other products such as the Harbor Freight pancake, but it just didn't have the speed or the PSI power I needed for anything other than tire inflation. So that quickly was sold in a garage sale.

With all of the vehicles, tractors, and wheeled items, I needed a new compressor, and I know I will be using my air tools again along with remodeling the house where nailers will be needed as well.

The first place I went was Harbor Freight and Amazon, but ultimately found the lowest price and the most power to be found at Walmart. Again, with a Campbell Hausfeld.

This is the Campbell Hausfeld DC080100 Air Compressor. Check it out!

Please NOTE: I am providing an Amazon Link as usual for items I use. Please know that you may find this at your local Walmart store cheaper than on Amazon. I believe I paid close to $140 (After tax) locally.

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