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Smelting Silver – First Attempt

My first attempt at smelting silver. Made a nice little bar. Not bad! Part of my treasure hunting adventures is finding silver. Of course the coins do not get smelted, but old jewelry that’s broken and such gets thrown in to a bullion bar pile. This is my playing with...


Scrapping Stuff! Stripping and Scrapping Copper

Seriously, if you have the ability to scrap your metals, do it! It’s easy income for a homesteader. We have recycling services that come to our property, but they get the benefits and the payouts for the metals they collect. And the sad thing is we have to PAY for...


Rainbow leads to House Struck by LIGHTNING! – Weather Channel

Out recording another lightning storm hoping to get some lightning shooting across the rainbows. Lightning struck the neighbors house instead. Just discovered this while playing back the footage. Just an FYI, this was also used in a Weather Channel show called “Strangest Weather”. Pretty cool! FULL DISCLOSURE: Some of you...


Gulf Coast TX Storms

This is a simple storm that hit us. Lightning so bright an close it distorted the irising on the camera. Hail, thunder, and sirens! And this was not tropical weather season yet. Fun times ahead!


Facebook Games? Klondike

There are a couple of games I play, but the main game is Klondike, the lost expeditions. It’s pretty fun. I did a few videos that I put on youtube that help some people out. Does anyone else play games on Facebook? I am always looking for something to kill...


WordPress: Disable Admin New User Registration Email

This project is outside the norm of my typical hobbies blog posting for my site, however, this I felt was important to a lot of WordPress admins. It really took me some time to investigate the best possible way to eliminate the flooding of new user registration emails. The end...