How-To: Compost Bin – Save $$$

Compost bins are expensive, but why? All they are in most cases are a container with some holes and a way to turn the compost. Nothing a $20 trash can and a shovel you already own can’t make yourself at home. Oh, a drill is needed too.

I looked at compost bins and if you have the time and energy to turn your own compost, this is the way to go and it will save you hundreds of dollars.


All you need as seen in the video is:

  • 1 trash can with a lid
  • Drill
  • Something to turn the compost with
  • Compost ingredients

There are two types of composting:

Hot composting is where the materials mostly consist of nitrogen, carbon, air, and water. This causes a much quicker breakdown of the composting materials and in some cases can be ready sooner than a year.

Cold composting is a process of using mixtures of compost that will break down over the course of a year. This is a natural decomposition process, and in some cases produces better results.

Materials to compost are fruits and vegetables, egg shells, dry leaves and grass clippings, shredded papers, coffee grounds. There is a plethora of information on what to compost and what they consist of. A balanced compost pile is essential.

Never use diseased plants, treated wood, feces of any kind, weeds, and nothing containing fat, meat, oils. This includes dairy and grease!


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