Husqvarna GT54LS Garden Tractor

The Husqvarna GT54LS is one elusive machine. I wasn’t sure whether or not to buy this machine because of the lack in available information found online. I decided to take the chance for one big reason. I honestly need a full compact tractor, but lack the funds for one and we needed SOMETHING to do the heavy lifting in the mean time. Grass needed to be cut, we needed to move things around the property. We needed to get back in the woods with something and we didn’t have an ATV. And … it came with a locking differential! Haha, no seriously.

Locking Differential was the biggest part of my decision because we have sloped terrain, we will have snow, ice, etc. And I hope I can get a snow blade put on the front of this thing to help keep the driveway clear. I will not be spending the money on the snow blower attachment, but one is available. I have a walk behind blower I can use, but a blade would help me maintain the drive better than walking after a large buildup.

The GT54LS so far has been a great mower. A lot of people complain about the deck, and I have had no issues with it at all. The deck DOES need to be cleaned off after each use, and maybe that’s why people think it doesn’t cut well because it leaves a good amount of clippings and residue in the deck. But so does any mower, it’s the nature of the beast. Typically, I wait a day or two, or a week or more, and when the grass is dried, hook up my electric blower and just give it a once over and the grass is gone. I have not had any issues yet.

It does seem to gulp gas a little quicker than I expected, but it is an agricultural machine, and not a highly tuned touring vehicle. Not a biggie, but it could be if you have a really large yard. We have about 2 acres to mow and it takes up about 5 gallons of gas to do that.

I will do a full write up later, but for now, here is the quick review video of the Husqvarna GT54LS. BTW, GT stands for Garden Tractor. For those who don’t know, a Garden Tractor is bigger than a Lawn Tractor (LT).

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