Husqvarna GT54LS Universal Hitch Install

This is the quick look and part 1 and 2 of my universal hitch install attempt. There will be an update later regarding how the hitch is holding up.

The universal hitch and all the components I purchased was much cheaper than buying the alternative which would have been a sleeve hitch. The sleeve hitch that I found to be the cheapest was still nearly $200 and for my purposes was overkill. This is a garden tractor after all. It's not meant to be doing any attachments outside of the small utility things such as a cart, or small light tow behind products.

My biggest debate between getting a compact tractor vs. a garden tractor was what I needed to do. However, because time was not on my side, I had to opt for the garden tractor because funds weren't available at the time to make a big tractor purchase. So, I knew my limitations. The project here was to make my garden tractor as usable as possible.

I needed a ball hitch on my tractor to pull a small trailer, pull some logs out of the woods, and pull a cart around the property. The cart and trailer have proven themselves time and time again for hauling debris, trash, and wood.

If you need to up your utilization of your lawn or garden tractor, check out these videos. They might help you make a decision!

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