Kenmore Dishwasher Top Rack FAIL!

As with life, things fail when you buy a 'new' home. And while I wish it was always fun and games on the homestead, some required repairs are always necessary.

We have a Kenmore dishwasher that worked just fine and then we had a top rack failure. The dishes came crashing down one afternoon while the kiddo was doing her chores. Upon further inspection, the top rack was zip tied to the wheels and the zip ties failed. Either the previous owner had done a quick fix or the dishwasher rack came like this. I saw no sign of any broken pieces other than the ties.

Upon looking up our Kenmore dishwasher model number, I found a replacement piece online. Kenmore direct wanted about $40 for the pieces I needed. And when doing a part search for what was listed on the Kenmore site, it turns out it was actually a Whirlpool replacement part. I never thought that Kenmoore/Whirlpool were the same company, or at least utilizing the same parts.

I found the exact part number on Amazon for $14.95! This was the entire replacement set! Can't beat that.

Check out the video of the install process and box opening for the parts. It was pretty simple, but it was hard to do while holding a camera in one hand!

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