Reduce Waste: Burn your cardboard! Careful, it gets HOT!!

This is a controversial subject, and I understand that. Take a minute and think about the rural situation. At least, my rural situation. I pay for my trash collection, and they only come once a week and supply me with one large trash can. That trash can barely gets us week to week for a family of 4. Two kids, two adults. We compost and we burn. But we still accumulate plastics, etc. from the products we can't control. Recycling isn't an option unless it is a metal. They don't do plastics in the area... well I take that back, they don't do non-carbonated drink plastics.

We recycle everything else each time we make a trip in to town.

The burning of paper products is the best way for us to reduce our wastes. We have a ton of paper products and because they won't recycle that here either, we have no choice but to remove it from our trash bins and burn.

I use a 55 gallon steel drum to burn our household wastes at least once or twice a week. Not because we accumulate that much waste, but because it reduces the amount of smoke I produce in the air.

Check out this video on our burning cardboard.

Always take safety precautions when burning, and absolutely know the risks. Always follow your local laws. My laws may be different than your own. Do this at your own risk!

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