StackOn Elite Safe Keypad and Customer Service Issues

After having owned the StackOn Elite Safe for a few years now (out of warranty), it has worked great. Never had any issues with it other than the locking mechanism not staying unlocked when pulling the safe open and letting go of the turn on the front. Sometimes would have to unlock it again to close the door when finished.

This problem is now more troublesome as it could prevent someone from accessing their safe entirely! Half of the keypad stopped working and at the time of my creating this video a couple days later, it started working again. This means imminent failure. Luckily I have a back up key, but I am disappointed in StackOns lack of customer service. At least via their contact us page on their website.

I did just notice also in the FAQ, there is a question regarding 'part of the keypad not responding' and it says to call their customer service number for assistance. This means it is a COMMON issue if it's a frequently asked question.

Beware! I know it's a cheap safe and that's why we got it. My mistake was getting a keypad to begin with, but the wife needed to be able to access it if needed too.

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