Sun Joe Wood Splitter Review – 10 ton

In Michigan, I found out when you have a wood boiler/furnace that lives outside, it requires a lot of wood. Well... what I never thought about is that if the wood you have or get is too large to handle, it has to be split! Now, I don't mind going old school and using a splitting maul, but kind of I do! I am in no shape to go throwing axes and mauls around anymore.

And... I have kids and I need them to pitch in and what a better way than to have them split the wood!

This Sun Joe 10 ton wood splitter is a manual hydraulic style splitting machine. We bought it used from a neighbor and it's worked without issue since we've had it. We've gone through many cords of wood already on it and it's still holding up. For $70 used, it was a steal. These retail new around twice that or more.

We did look into motorized splitters and the expense was something we couldn't justify at the time, but that being said, it is on my wishlist to have. While the kids split the smaller 14" diameter chunks, I could be doing some larger pieces.

This Sun Joe splitter is a good investment for sure! I was really surprised with how easy it is to use. The kids can split 18" long logs without issue. The most difficult part of the whole unit is it's portability. It has wheels so you can roll it into place, but the unit is heavy and requires you to bend a bit (Depending on your height).

The other draw back that most say when they see it is that it's not elevated in a comfortable height. However, this is because you need the leverage and the torque beneath your body's core to get the most out of it. If it was two feet off the ground, you start to lose the leverage you want to split the wood most efficiently and with minimal energy usage.

I recommend it for sure! Check it out on Amazon below.



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