Wood Splitting: A tip for small logs!

Small logs need to be split too. Have you ever trimmed up some logs that left you with a 'cookie' or smaller than average logs that still need to be split? Of course you have. I get stuck with these all the time. It really because a pain when you have to split them and they take forever because the hydraulic arm of the splitter must be almost fully extended to start making contact with the log.

There is a simple solution to save you energy and time. The answer... use a block! It's that simple. By doing this you reduce the amount of distance the arm must travel, which means you use less energy and it saves time.

I generally find using a piece of 4x4 lumber works well, and in the video, I use random pieces of wood that fit.

However, since the time that I made the video, I found a 2" x 6" x 6" solid block of steel that I have repurposed specifically for this use and this use only. It works wonders!

Of course, the splitter I am using is a manual splitter, but it can be used with any splitter.


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