WordPress: Disable Admin New User Registration Email

This project is outside the norm of my typical hobbies blog posting for my site, however, this I felt was important to a lot of WordPress admins. It really took me some time to investigate the best possible way to eliminate the flooding of new user registration emails. The end result was to create a simple plugin for WordPress. This is not mass distributed on WordPress.org. or other sites, only here at my own site. I do not offer support for the plugin, and it is a use at your own risk. I won't be keeping up with version updates unless it is necessary for my own blog. Your results may vary, but it works for me.

Disable Admin New User Registration Emails

Description: This plugin will only disable new user registration emails that are sent to the admin. This will not disable user registration/confirmation emails.


  1. Download the zip file
  2. Log in to your WordPress blog site admin page.
  3. Plugins > Add New > Upload
  4. Locate and upload the ZIP file
  5. Activate Plugin

Download Plugin: Claw-Disable-Emails.zip

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