Yet another furnace problem. The saga continues…

So, the saga continues....

The past couple of days our temperatures have been -10 and -18 for half the day. We of course had our heater going, and I noticed the wood in the boiler had burned down quite a bit faster than normal. Of course, I figured this was normal because the furnace had been on and off constantly throughout the night.

Something triggered me to start investigating why exactly the furnace constantly kept running. Almost at that very moment, a vibration started to occur in the duct work. It was very faint at first and hard to pinpoint where exactly it was coming from.

Throughout the day, work on the house continued as usual, but so did the vibration. The vibration was getting increasingly louder. By about 5pm the vibration was so loud we wouldn't be able to sleep. I started trying to diagnose the issue.

Our furnace is old, we know this, it's an old Janitrol 'Dependable ninety-two' (GMPN100-4). Well, this Janitrol model can't be found anywhere online. The model number listed above can be found and it's listed as a Goodman. However, the Goodman configurations are in fact different than the Janitrol. So, doing an emergency self-diagnosis was out of the question. But earlier in the day, I discovered a couple of findings that lead my investigation in a different direction.

The saga continues: Part 1 - Investigating

The saga continues: Part 2 - Final Diagnosis

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