Cambro 6qt Storage Container Review

The Cambro 6qt storage containers are definitely something worth looking into if you are a baker, cook, or just like a tidy kitchen. I love to cook and my wife loves to bake, but our pantry is small and very cluttered. Knowing we would need a bigger kitchen in the future as part of our renovations, the pantry is where we lack space the most.

With that lingering project always in my mind, I happen to come across these Cambro storage containers while watching America's Test Kitchen on TV. These looked great on TV! And I asked what's the difference between these and any other storage container. So, when I went back to the pantry that evening and pulled out my yellowing rectangular storage container that was holding the bag of flour, it dawned on me.

The Camrbo has the easiest to read measurements on the container, they were squared, and stackable. The lid for my storage container barely fit, which meant I still had to have my flour in the bag as to keep moisture out of it. So, I ordered a set of the Camrbo 6qt containers on Amazon right that minute.

These things are Amazing! Check out the video for my review!

Camrbo 6qt (Two pack) on Amazon:

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